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Success is Not The Big Picture

Success is not a final event, but a sum of partial small triumphs and the outcome of certain habits that can be grown.

Many people confuse achieving particular goals with success. Nothing more wrong. A person is not successful if it achieves a certain business contract, a such a high economic level or a long-awaited sale.

Successful people are people that do not need to reach a certain threshold, Success is not a goal it is a path. Building a successful path regardless of whether certain goals or specific long-term objectives are met or not is what makes a person successful, then the success is no longer achieved once a certain goal or final event is reached but the sum of partial small triumphs.

Our attitude towards every day defines us. We are successful if we are able to get up each day with optimism and reach simple goals for every small amount of time, either a day or a week. Focus in the hard work today is more important than establishing difficult to reach long term goals.

We have to set small goals that can be achieved easily. Optimistic people surround themselves with other optimists who feel successful even with small victories, that is the key to build a successful path to any goal. Success is the sum of small goals completed, satisfaction for the job well done, even if in the road there are failures.

Success in life and business is rather a sum of small successes combined with failures; so many people live lives full of sadness and frustration for not having achieved some great goal in their lives, that is the risk to measure success as the result of any big event; people who make small goals or objectives are happier, because they manage to build up feelings of achievement much more frequently than those that are set only towards a great goal.

On the other hand, failure and obstacles are part of day to day and are steps necessary to achieve success, we must learn to face the failures as learning events allowing you to be closer to their stated goals and if there are several partial goals or smaller is easier to overcome little setbacks. Big goals, big obstacles, small partial goals, small obstacles. All is a matter of perspective.

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