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Digital Marketing Strategies for Retail

The importance of digital marketing grows every year, especially for retailers who continue to see growth in online sales versus in store sales.

There is a growing number of retailers who are selling strictly online and have chosen to completely forego physical stores because of this market trend. There is a lot of competition where online retail is concerned due to famous department stores and other large online retailers like Amazon. In order to compete, retail stores must stay one step ahead in creativity, trends, and technology. Here are some basic steps businesses can take to increase online sales.


Using bloggers to promote your brand is the newest form of press. It is important to find bloggers who complement your brand’s image and can reach your target audience. Take into account how many social media followers they have, what they typically write about, how many users actually interact with their posts. Brands must try to build a relationship with bloggers in order to incentivize them to write about your products.

You can do this by reaching out to them, and giving them free products with personalized messages. There are many bloggers who will accept money for posting about a product, but the best way to do it is based on a commission since your company would not be losing anything. You can give each blogger a special hyperlink or coupon code for their followers to use on your site when completing a purchase.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has been proven to be the most effective form of marketing for retail in the past couple of years. The first step is getting users to sign up for your newsletter. If you have a physical store, ask customers for their email address at checkout. You can also offer coupons in exchange for email addresses or include a pop up on your website.

Make sure to set up the email lists in a way that allows you to classify customers by different demographics and shopping behavior. One particular type of email that shows great results is the abandoned cart email, sent to users who added items to their cart but never checked out. Make sure to send periodic emails including discounts, sales, and company news.


Although a large portion the retail market may be saturated with large retailers on the search engines, it is still possible to drive sales through SEO. Companies must conduct keyword research to find relevant keywords that have high search volume and low competition. This can be done by using Google’s Keyword Planner. Focus on long tail keywords in order to have a higher probability of ranking. There are many SEO strategies that companies can implement for free, or you can choose to take it off your hands completely and hire an SEO company.


The most important part of promoting a product is the quality of the product and how people perceive your brand. Making updates to your product’s packaging and adding unique elements can make your company stand out. Make sure your brand’s image is being portrayed correctly in all aspects, including web design. Is the website user friendly? Does the website suggest additional products? If not, call a web design company asap.

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