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User Friendly:
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User Friendly:
End Product:

We tested the PlanWrite for Business version and it has a very user friendly interface and all sections of the business plan can be completed with ease. The outline is comprehensive and customizable. The plan sections are intuitive, but make sure you turn on the plan outline while writing the plan. The toolbar is easy to use with most features available at the click of a button. There were some sections of the plan that could have benefited from the addition of tables.  For example, the different market segments are placed into tables but then you are required to make your own breakdown of the market size within each segment using the word processor. The 3-7 page executive summary is almost as comprehensive as the full plan. Overall, the narrative portion is well ahead of the pack, aside from our small nigglings.

The financial projections are completed interview style, meaning you answer a series of questions and fill out spreadsheets that are sections or subsections of the full sets of projections. There are some real plusses here including a graphical sales projector allowing for visual seasonality adjustment, customizable loan terms such as interest only payments, full functioning cells that allow the user to input formulas, and built-in ratio analysis for dozens of industries. The downside here is limited to “nit picks” including the lack of monthly projections beyond year one and the fact that custom cell formulas do not flow through to the next year or to the scenario analysis.

The program is packed with educational tidbits and we felt did the best job of ensuring entrepreneurs get the most out of the learning part planning process. The end product was average and was missing some essentials such as contact information on the cover page.  As it stands it is a solid choice for just about any type of planning need as it does most everything above average.

Highs: Interface, Projections have Interview Simplicity + Spreadsheet Customization

Lows: Needs better feature integration, not quite as polished but hits all the highpoints of functionality

Bottom Line: The Well Rounded Choice for most any entrepreneur.

PlanWrite Business
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Write a business plan with Plan Write

Plan Write Business Editions:

PlanWrite for Loans -        $49.99

PlanWrite for Business - $119.95#

PlanWrite Expert* -          $219.95#

# Pricing is download only.  Add $10.00 for CD orders.
* Includes Expert Review and Advice for your businss plan

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  • Library of sample business plans
  • Business Plan Wizard to guide you
  • Step by step instructions
  • 100's of examples to save time
  • Complete financials
  • Automatic 3D Color Charts
  • Format preferred by banks/investors/SBA
  • Customized for your business
  • Export to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML
  • QuickBooks Pro interface
  • Expert Analysis Plan Audit and Review

    100's of Examples
    Detailed examples are included for every item of an effective business plan.

    Sample Business Plans
    Actual business plans from real businesses, winners of the prestigious International MootCorp® Competition, judged by venture capitalists as the best business plan presentation.

    Tailored to your business
    Our built-in wizards guide you through the process and shape your plan to reflect the unique character and goals of your business.

    Complete Financials
    Automatically generates your financial statements, color charts and graphs in the format expected by your banker or investor.

    Generates PowerPoint Presentation
    Automatically generates your PowerPoint presentation in the template you choose. Your business plan is well written and professionally presented.

    Real Support
    Try us! Call 1-800-423-1228 right now!
    We will work through any customer problem. Our support staff are experienced business professionals who know what your final plan requires.

    Get it done now! Get it done right!
    Every tool you need and instructions at every step. A complete plan that is guaranteed to get the funding you need.

  • New! Version for 2007
  • Now Windows Vista Compatible
  • MS Word export compatible
  • MS Excel format financials
  • MS PowerPoint presentation
  • Industry Profiles
  • Milestones
  • Single or multiple authors
  • Team Collaboration
  • Publish your plan to the web
  • Save any plan as a template


    Customer Comment Marketing Strategy Software

    “Your software really described my business. The competitors' simplistic,
    fill-in-the-blank approach wasted my time.”

    Business Planning Business Planning

    Automatic 3D Color Charts
    Business Plan Charts

    Other Products from PlanWrite

  • Expert Edition has all the features of Plan Write plus it uses the latest in Expert System technology to test your strategy.


  • Quick Insight can help you test the market potential for new product ideas.


      New Features 2007:
    • Graphic Estimator
    • Organizational Chart
    • PowerPoint Presentation
    • Industry Profiles
    • QuickBooks Interface
    • More charts
    • More flexibility

    We are constantly striving for perfection in business plan software. Our newest release reflects the suggestions from our customers and the expanding experience of the professional business personnel on our staff. Let us know what we can do to better serve you!

    Now Window's Vista Compatable!

    Graphic Estimator
    Your financial projections can be entered directly or by moving points on a chart. The Estimator shows a visual chart. You can use the mouse to move any point on that chart. Each point sets a value in the financial projections. Projections can also be calculated automatically by setting a growth rate.

    Organization Chart
    Plan Write includes an OrgChart Wizard that draws the structure of your organization. The chart includes the names and titles of your key personnel. The chart can be inserted in any topic that best describes the staffing and management of your business plan.

    PowerPoint Presentation
    Plan Write can create a PowerPoint® presentation with details you select from your business plan. Choose the topics, charts or tables you want to present. The PowerPoint slides will be created automatically in the template you select. PowerPoint is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

    Industry Profiles
    Compare your key financial figures with the average in your industry. Select the industry category and subcategory that best describe your business. The key financial ratios, income statement, and balance sheet will compare your projections to the average experienced in your industry. The profiles serve as a reality check to assure your assumptions are based on reasonable expectations.

    QuickBooks Interface
    Your financial projections can be based on your actual history by importing directly from QuickBooks 2003 (Pro or Premium) into Plan Write tables. Select any combinations of rows in QuickBooks to be summed and imported into any row in Plan Write. QuickBooks is a registered trademark

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    PlanWrite for Loans - $49.99

    PlanWrite for Business - $119.95

    PlanWrite Expert* - $219.95

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